Painting for Sacha from La Rosa!

After a somewhat grim appointment with a geneticist first thing this morning, I was cheered up by the contribution of this beautiful painting by La Rosa to Sacha’s campaign, via the wonderful Jackie Chase at Under the Bridge Studios. It doesn’t cease being extraordinarily moving to find such support—it completely reconfigures one’s sense of humanity.

La Rosa, Richmond Invierno I (2015). Oil on printed canvas. 56.5 x 56.5 cm

La Rosa is a Colombian artist who is currently based in Brighton. This particular painting is called Invierno 1, and is part of the Richmond Series.

In keeping with others of La Rosa’s works, this series explores themes of alienation and the relation to nature. I didn’t manage to capture in this quick smartphone photo the thick, textural nature of the oil paint here, which is perhaps more visible in this photo of another work from the same series:

La Rosa, Richmond Ontoño (2015)

While it would be nice to keep this painting, the artist’s intention was that the proceeds from a sale could help to fund Sacha’s therapy! We now have to figure out how to sell artworks…


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