20181019_172305.jpgAmazingly, we reached our first fundraising goal in the first day of crowdfunding: £6000 to cover 3 weeks of intensive treatment at the NAPA Centre in Los Angeles, so we’re now moving on to see if we can also reach our other goals via Crowdfunder. We’ve also managed to cover several follow-on sessions at the Parent-Infant Clinic, with the rise to 70% since then.

Meanwhile, Jackie Chase has been busy fundraising at Under the Bridge, bringing in about £900 of donations from parents there, twisting the arms of a band who needed a parking space for a gig at the Green Door Store, and getting people to contribute to the Jumblebee.

There have also been a few direct donations to Sacha’s bank account, totalling £1404.

Totals raised so far:

Crowdfunder £17,763
Under the Bridge £878.69
Direct donations £1404.03
Jumblebee £463
GRAND TOTAL £20,508.72